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Resource Library FAQ

How can the Resource Library benefit me?

The Resource Library is an easy way to find a variety of sources on D&I related issues. The information found can help you increase your knowledge of D&I, provide citations for reports, find gaps in the literature, and inform you of upcoming events.

Where do the resources come from?

The resources vary, including newspaper articles, journal articles, books and book chapters, conference and funding opportunities, and websites, to name a few. Sources such as Implementation Science, British Medical Journal, Journal of Rural Health, Translational Behavioral Medicine, and the New York Times are featured. The Resource Library is updated monthly to include new publications and other opportunities.

How are the search results generated?

Search results are based on the criteria you as the user choose. You can start a search by selecting at least one resource type. To narrow your search, choose multiple resource types, narrow the date range, and/or enter one or multiple keywords. Once you have entered your criteria, select the Search button.

The search will list your results by resource type and year. If you entered a keyword, that word will be in the title, abstract, resource type, or author. It is recommended to have at least one keyword in your search to narrow your results.

Some search results will yield links to websites, PDFs, etc. Please note that some links are connected to sites that have passwords and may be unavailable to people who are not subscribers.

What are the different resource types?

Articles: from journals

Book Chapter: one chapter from a book or the entire book

Conference: materials and/or a web link to a past or upcoming conference

Funding Opportunity: any current funding opportunity available to researchers

News Item: from a newspaper or other periodical

Organization: any company or group

People in D&I: researchers in the Dissemination and Implementation field

Presentation: speeches, PowerPoint slides, etc.

Report: includes white papers, special reports, etc.

Tool: anything that would help a researcher with their project, like measurements, constructs, and useful websites

Training Opportunity: information on how and where researchers can hone their skills

Website: links to online sources that vary in content

Workshop: materials and/or a web link to a past or upcoming workshop