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About the Resource Library

The Resource Library...

consists of a compilation of dissemination and implementation (D&I) related articles from multiple sources, including journal articles, books, conferences, funding opportunities, and websites, to name a few. The purpose of the Resource Library is to allow users to search for D&I related articles, to increase knowledge of D&I issues, and to enhance the field of D&I science.

The resources found in the Resource Library are updated monthly.

You can utilize the Resource Library by...

> Starting from the default: The search automatically searches all sources from the earliest year available to present. No keywords are necessary to begin a search.

> Using one or more keywords: The keywords will appear in any part of the source (title, description, article keywords, etc.). When searching multiple keywords, do not put more than one word in the search box.

> Customizing: A search can be customized to include all years, one or all source types, no or up to three keywords, and an and/or feature.

For questions about how terms are defined, please check the Glossary.