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About the Planning Tool

The Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Planning Tool is...

a multifunctional and interactive web-based tool that was designed for the developers of cancer communication interventions spanning prevention, early detection, and treatment. Its purpose is to increase the dissemination and implementation potential of effective interventions and affiliated products. While it was developed for those in cancer communication, the planning tool is not designed specifically for cancer or cancer communication studies.

The Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Planning Tool can be used to...

> develop the dissemination section of your grant proposal;

> identify what kind of preliminary data you might want to collect prior to the  development of the intervention;

> identify relevant and tailored resources on D&I that you might want to review prior to the development of the intervention;

> plan for resources necessary to carry out your D&I plan.

The D&I Planning Tool can be used as a stand alone resource or in conjunction with the D&I Narrative Library and/or D&I Resource Library.

For questions about how terms are defined, please check the Glossary.