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Junior D&I Expert Interviews

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These interviews were conducted with junior D&I experts – researchers that have interest in or have been conducting research on dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions across multiple topic areas within the health services and public health fields. The majority of the interviewees also serve as fellows at the Implementation Research Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.
CharleneCaburnay AllisonHamilton WynneNorton
Interview with
Charlene Caburnay, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Washington University
Interview with
Alison Hamilton, PhD

Research Health Scientist, Greater Los Angeles VA
Interview with
Wynne Norton, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Alabama Birmingham
ByronPowell Borsika Rabin ShannonWiltsey-Stirman
Interview with
Byron Powell

Pre-Doctoral Fellow, Washington University
Interview with
Borsika Rabin, PhD

Staff Researcher, Kaiser Permanente Colorado
Interview with
Shannon Wiltsey Stirman

Research Staff Psychologist, Boston University