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Narrative Library FAQ

How can the Narrative Library benefit me?

The Narrative Library contains video vignettes and transcripts of interviews from junior and senior dissemination and implementation research experts. These interviews provide lessons learned and "how-to" knowledge in narrative form that models a solution to a particular D&I problem or opportunity (see About the Narrative Library). You can also contact the junior and senior experts to ask them any D&I related questions.

Who is featured in the videos?

The videos feature junior and senior D&I experts. These experts come from various institutions across the country and they discuss their own experiences with D&I research as it relates to their work.

Can I contact the interviewees?

Yes. Each interviewee's e-mail address is available on the site. You can find these on the junior and senior D&I expert pages.

What projects are featured and how were they chosen?

There are two projects featured: Go Sun Smart and Ozioma. These projects were chosen as great examples of working dissemination and implementation research.

What software or programs do I need to use the Narrative Library?

You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the transcripts and Flash to play the interview videos from YouTube. If you have any problems accessing the transcripts or videos, please contact Michelle Henton or Borsika Rabin.