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About the Narrative Library

The Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Narrative Library is...

a version 1.0 of a freely accessible online library containing video vignettes for researchers and practitioners who are interested in disseminating and implementing evidence-based practices, programs, and tools. These video vignettes communicate lessons learned and "how-to" knowledge in narrative form that models a solution to a particular D&I problem or opportunity.

Each video vignette in this collection highlights a discussion with a senior or junior researcher in the field of D&I. In addition to the 16 individual interviews, the D&I Narrative Library also features two D&I projects from the perspective of multiple stakeholders.

Video vignettes can be viewed as video files or read as transcripts and can be searched by keywords.

The D&I Narrative Library can be used as...

a stand alone tool or in conjunction with the D&I Planning Tool, and/or D&I Resource Library.

You can use the D&I Narrative Library to...

Learn about D&I research and practice in general

> Review full interviews with Senior D&I experts and Junior D&I experts
> Review full stories about D&I projects

Look for solutions for specific D&I-related issues for your own research

> Review responses to specific interview questions
> Search our site using keywords

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