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Core Team


Borsika RabinBorsika A Rabin, Lead Investigator
Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Institute for Health Research

Dr. Rabin is a Staff Researcher and the Research Coordinator for the Cancer Research Network Cancer Communication Research Center, one of five National Cancer Institute funded Centers of Excellence in Cancer Communication Research which is housed at the Institute for Health Research at Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Dr. Rabin holds a Ph.D. in Public Health Studies and a Masters in Public Health from Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, Missouri and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary. Her research focuses on dissemination and implementation of evidence-based interventions, communication and coordination around cancer care with special interest in survivorship related issues, and the evaluation and development of interactive, web-based interventions and tools with a strong emphasis on cancer survival prediction tools and tools that can support planning for dissemination and implementation of interventions (i.e., designing for dissemination and implementation). Dr. Rabin is a member of the University of Colorado Cancer Center and active in the Cancer Research Network (CRN), a consortium of research organizations affiliated with non-profit integrated healthcare delivery systems and the National Cancer Institute. She has a faculty appointment at the University of Colorado School of Public Health.



Jim Dearing, Co-Investigator
Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Institute for Health Research

Dr. Dearing was Professor of Communication and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Communication Studies at Ohio University, was on the faculty of Michigan State University, and a visiting faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, and at the University of Michigan.  He studies the strategic use of diffusion of innovation concepts to accelerate the spread of evidence-based practices, programs, and policies.  He studied under and worked closely with Everett M. Rogers for 20 years. Dr. Dearing is the Director and PI of the Cancer Communication Research Center, and chair of the Designing for Diffusion Core.



Michelle Henton, Project Coordinator
Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Institute for Health Research

Ms. Henton completed her MA in sociology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and holds a BS in psychology from Missouri State University. During her Master's program, Ms. Henton completed research focused on social interaction, religion, technology, and community. She also assisted Dr. Jennifer Dunn with her book titled, Judging Victims: Why We Stigmatize Survivors and How They Reclaim Respect. Ms. Henton joined KP Colorado in March 2011.  


Mark Christiansen, Programmer and Web Developer
Kaiser Permanente Colorado, Institute for Health Research





Ross Brownson
Professor, Washington University in St. Louis

Ross Brownson has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health and Epidemiology from Colorado State University. He is currently a Professor of Epidemiology at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Dr. Brownson co-directs the Prevention Research Center, a major, CDC funded center jointly led by Washington University and Saint Louis University that develops innovative approaches to chronic disease prevention. His primary research interests are in chronic disease epidemiology, promotion of physical activity, tobacco use prevention, and evaluation of community-level interventions.



Nikki Caito
Institute for Public Health at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis

Nikki Caito is a Registered Dietitian and has Masters degrees in Nutrition and in Public Health, all from Saint Louis University. She has worked at the Health Communication Research Laboratory (HCRL) -both at Saint Louis University and at Washington University in St. Louis-since 2000 focusing on a variety of tailored and cancer communication related projects. Within the Center of Excellence in Cancer Communication at the HCRL, she currently manages the Integrating Cancer Control Referrals and Navigators into United Way 2-1-1 project as well as the Training and Career Development Program, the Developmental Research Program, and the Dissemination Core. She also manages the HCRL's Cost Center CommunicationWorks.  Most recently, she began managing Center operations.